A pocket watch that could have been

I starting buying pocket watches in 1971/1972, when I had the money.  Back then I accidentally found a Elgin pocketwatch that was put together sometime before 1920.  I knew this because when I unscrewed the back, it seemed like everytime it had been fixed, the jeweler had inscribed his/her Initials […]

A Dropbox #Fail – Updated

I noticed on a Wednesday afternoon that some files were being deleted from my Dropbox, I have a 1tb account.  Since I wasn’t doing this I texted my wife to see if it was her, since she is the only other person with access.  She wasn’t deleting files either, although […]

The Pen

I collect pens. My problem is that I can’t afford the really good ones. So over the holidays,  I received two great pens. One pen is carved in wood  but is a ball point,             the other pen is elegant and although not wood,  is […]

Setting up a computer should NOT be this hard – A Dell Fiasco

Not too long ago I spec’d out 2 computers for one of my colleagues who wanted everything a certain way.  That was okay.  I ordered the computer from Dell so we would get a high end workstation with 32GB of RAM, 64 bit operating system, Windows 7 Professional, a solid […]

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) – gone wild

I use two factor authentication on virtually anything that allows me to.  There is a good reason to do this – security.  You don’t want any personal information to be too easy to get to.  But this can also be a problem.  I don’t mean this in the way most […]

Phone backup – MyBackup Pro

One of the first applications I purchased for my first smart phone was MyBackup Pro from Rerware.  I even bought extra room on their server for my backups (a whopping 2gb).  I kept putting this program on each successive phone I had for many years.  But when I purchased my […]

The Gift, or not . . .

When I was a teenager, I apparently was assigned to give a present for the holidays to my cousin that adversely affected his outlook on life. I must have forgotten about it that yest because at the last minute I came up with the present, a pad of paper, a […]

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Stagefright problem.

One of the first things I did when I changed from my Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S5 to an AT&T Samsung Note 5 is to check for security problems, after updating my software as best I could.  What I thought was going to be a minor exercise turned out very […]

The Wireless Saga Continues

I originally started this because I wanted to reduce my wireless costs, which were way too high with Verizon Wireless.  I wrote extensively about the whole process of switching to AT&T in this post.  We finally got through it all and thought that we had seen the worst.  The other […]

Flixster update to Flixster video fails miserably

I thought I was very “in.”   Here I was using all the social media apps, streaming video from my phone, and doing all sorts of other cool stuff.  I mentioned to my sonthat I had digital copies of many of our movies on Ultraviolet (connected to Flixster) and asked him […]