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(Last Updated On: June 21, 2014)

NCH_logoThis is more of a warning than a rant, but it qualifies.  I warned the last NCH support person that I would write this and have yet to hear back from them.

Let me backtrack a little to explain the situation and why I am so frustrated that I have resorted to writing a rant.  It started with my wife asking me if I could make her ring tone louder.  At first I downloaded some louder ringtones and asked if she would like that.  No she wanted something particular.  I wanted to play with the audio anyway on my own phone so I figured I would get a good audio manipwavepad_logo_redulator for the phone.  I trolled around the web and the play store and finally settled on WavePad from NCH software.

I first tried the free version to see what it could do.  Everything went fine, but one of the limitations was that I couldn’t save my work.  I understand this needs to be a limitation sometimes.  I heartily believe in supporting the programmers of the software I use.  I don’t use warez (pirated software), I just don’t believe in it.  So I went to purchase the full version of WavePad, Wavepad Master Edition.  I did an in app upgrade.  The app costs $9.99, I flinched at the cost, high for an android app, but I went ahead anyway.

Right away I had a problem.  The master edition didn’t show up on my phone.  Nothing downloaded or upgraded.  I went back into the store to double check but it wanted to charge me an additional $9.99 for the software!!  So I did what anyone else would, I wrote support (supportnch@nchsoftware.com).  After a couple of days someone got back to me with this response:

Good afternoon, thank you for contacting NCH Support.

All Google Play store purchases are handled with the account that you have registered on your phone, it is linked to that email. the confirmation from the play store would be to confirm the payment. There is no need for any code feel free to download the paid versions from the Google play store.

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can assist you with.


NCH Customer Service Team

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Note: while we make every attempt to give accurate advice, under our Reasonable Service Terms, the amount of time we can spend researching is limited. If you intend to rely on the advice for critical, dangerous or medical activities you must retain independent consultants to check your systems are safe and redundant. NCH Software and its employees’ liability for loss is strictly limited to the amount paid for the software, hardware and/or support.

On Sun, 04 May 2014, t.zucker@gmail.com wrote:
> WavePad Registration SupportRequest:
> I have an Android phone (not a listed OS) and ringtone the software from
> the play store. I immediately received a confirmation from Google but have
> received nothing from you. — This customer has NOT paid for support
> using this email address Extra Information (2): win7 Extra Information
> (3): WavePad

Note that my first contact was on 5/4/2014.  They responded on 5/6/2014 (good response time).  In response to their email I sent the last of the screenshots below and asked them to “please figure this out.”  I received the following in response

Greetings from NCH Support.

At the time being Android and Apple apps can only be managed in regards to purchase and download by it’s respective market distributors;  Google Play Store and Apple iTunes.
This also means that we have no control over their possible technical difficulties when downloading nor the prices set over the offered  applications.

Please be aware that these apps don’t require a manual license activation process, when you purchase these they are the full paid version ready to use.

Please let us know if there is anything else that we can assist you with.



It is almost as if they didn’t bother reading the email I sent them.  The email conversation continued back and forth.  I kept on complaining that nothing was working and that none of their suggestions were actually helping.  They kept making more unhelpful suggestions (or repeating ones they had already made) and offering to help more if that didn’t work (it didn’t and they didn’t).

Finally, on 6/5/2014 – a month after I first contacted them, there was a different question:

Let know, did you purchased the app from the market app or from the free app as an upgrade?

I responded that it was an in app upgrade.

On 6/10/2014 (4 days after my response) I received a response back:

Good afternoon, thank you for contacting NCH Support.

Please login to the google playstore using the same email used when you upgraded. Check MY apps section for the google play store, here it will list the apps you have purchased from here you will be able to download what you have paid for with this account.

This was almost identical to the initial response I received, and I said so.  I also said I was so frustrated I was going to write this blog (and that I have an automated tweet set up to tweet about blogs that I write).

I did try again – just to be sure and had the same results as below.  I also tried logging onto the Google app store from my computer.  All my apps were listed, but not the mater edition of WavePad, only the free edition.

I tried several times to go in and download the app and each time I was presented with these screens:

2014-05-21 01.16.17     2014-05-21 01.16.28  2014-05-21 01.16.34  2014-05-06 22.29.37


There was no way that I was going to pay $9.99 a second time!

Did I miss something? I’m fairly technically savvy and have not had this kind of difficulty before.  But there is always a first time so I am open to suggestions.

UPDATE: I finally gave up and just bought the app a second time. If the charge appears twice I will cancel the first one.

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