Phones at doctors office

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2014)

20140614-153816-56296545.jpgRecently I was waiting in a doctor’s office while my daughter had a procedure done. There was a sign on the wall next to the check in desk that said, “No cell phones/no smoking” which was interesting since at any one time 7 out of 8 people in the waiting room had their cell phones out. I was tempted to ask the person at the nurses station why the sign was even there, but I had my phone out as well.

This got me thinking about why you tend to see these signs at every doctor’s office yet they are rarely enforced.. When I looked up the signs, it seems at least that this is a courtesy to others sitting in the waiting room, nothing that would interfere with say equipment in the office. I was always under the impression it would interfere with medical equipment, I guess I was incorrect.

There was also a locked down wifi access point – I was tempted several times to ask what the password was, but I eventually chickened out.

I did see this sign when we were in the hospital. Maybe there is something to it?20140622-004604-2764214.jpg