Bus Ettiquette?

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2014)

Closeup of a female speaking outside on a cell...   I don’t ride the bus all the time,  only most of the time. Over time I have found that I have several pet peeves about how people should act on a bus. Remember this is just my opinion.

  • One of the things I find most disturbing,  is the “get up to get off at the last minute” move.  This is especially true when it disturbs me. Normally I get out of my seat, if I have one, at least one stop before I have to get of the bus. I think this is just the courteous thing to do.  It irks me when people wait until the bus is sitting at the stop to get it out of their seat. I feel you should be at the door ready to get out when the bus stops.
  • Loud music playing devices are another bother. Just a point of information,  most people do NOT want to HAVE to hear your music. Every one should wear earphones (yes I have had the experience of the boom box) and they should not be so loud that everyone on the bus can hear anyway (no less the person next to you).
  • I don’t know of any one who hasn’t experienced the obnoxious phone talker. You find out way too much information.  Even whe you are “treated” to only one side of these conversations, you may learn way more than you ever wanted to know about that particular person’s affairs. Just because you CAN talk about almost everything on your cell phone in public, doesn’t mean you should or that it’s appropriate.
  • PLEASE, if you are one of the “culprits,” settle these things before you get on the bus.or, if you must, tell the person you’ll call them back because you are on the bus.
  • If you arTalking+on+the+phone+on+traine one of the people on the other end of these conversations,know that almost everything you say will be known by everyone in the bus (if not directly, than by inference).Do you really want everyone to know how you treat your significant other or what your financial status is?  We will, even though we don’t want to know.
  • I know we all try not to do it, but eating on the bus is bad.  It is gross to be forced to be in the same environment with someone who generally eats their food and throws the wrappers on the floor (usually fast food, but not always). I have never seen anyone offer to share their food (if you are  going to subject everyone on the bus to the aroma, you might at least offer – I personally would never accept).

  • Drinking on the bus might seem like it should go along with eating, but it doesn’t. I’m not talking about the illegal drinking (you’ve seen that person with the paper bag around their drink), just anything not in a sippy cup or traveling mug. The chances are the bus will lurch to a stop and you will either spill that drink on yourself or on someone else. Since drinking while on the bus makes it more dangerous, why bring it on to begin with? I haven’t forgotten those people with their morning cup of whatever. They are included, unless they use one of those traveling mugs I mentioned.

I like the rules set forth in this article, they are (in case you are too busy to go read the article yourself:

Some basic public transit etiquette for you morons out there:
1. Do not decide to have a smoke just before getting on the train/bus. You stink like hell and the smell doesn’t get any better mixed with your sweat while you were running to make the train.
2. Do not take off your shoes, shirt or anything other piece of clothing that’s going to expose some smell.
3. If you’re going to talk on the phone, be quiet, or better yet, just don’t talk. That’s what texting is for.
4. Refrain from having heavy amounts of “odory” (yes I know it’s not a word) foods minutes before entering the train like Onions, Garlic, etc.
5. If you’re tired and need a nap, tilt your head back on the headrest.
6. Don’t sit next to me.