Pet peeves

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2014)

        Open Mouth           I have at least a few pet peeves, those things that inordinately cause me to cringe inwardly.  Sometimes I act on them, sometimes not – it depends on my mood and the situation.  I do feel many of these are either just common courtesy or good manners, but of course that is my opinion.


I already wrote a whole blog about my feelings on public transit and the sometimes strange habits of its patrons. Some of the other “peeves” I have are:


The act of  chewing with your mouth open.  Granted that I am sometimes guilty of this infraction, but I attempt to prevent it as much as possible in myself.  You might ask why (thank you if you did) I feel this way.  It is fairly easy to explain, I can’t stand looking at person with chewed food in their mouth.  It is rather disgusting.  I have this trouble even with the people I love sometimes.  I find it gross and can only ask, why can’t they just chew with their mouth closed?  It is peevish of me, but that is what this post is about.


I mentioned this one before, but it is one of those things that constantly grates at me. I see people talking to the bottom of their phones all the time.  Always I have to ask myself – why?  Don’t these people know that these devices are built so that you don’t have to hold them that way?  What about the person on the other end of the conversation, are they trying to say something, but because the one I am looking at can’t hear them, it becomes more of a 1 sided conversation?  Don’t people realize that if a bluetooth device can hear your voice from the mic near your ear, the phone certainly does not have to be that close in order for people to hear you loud and clear.  And isn’t a conversation supposed to be about listening to others as well?


My family will vouch for this one, if you have trouble believing it.  I get a little OCD when it comes to setting the table.  Just a little.  I have this thing about putting the utensils in the right places.  The fork should be on the left (if there is more than one fork, then the smallest should go on the outside), knife on the right (blade facing towards the plate), spoons other than the desert spoon next to the knife in descending size order. This is how I was brought up and how I thought I showed my children as well.  Yet almost invariably when my kids set the table, the fork and knife would be reversed (in later years I know they did it on purpose, because they admitted as much, but earlier on I’m not so sure).


One that is more a preference than a peeve is the way people watch movies.  I feel that when you walk into a movie theatre you should be required to leave your belief in our reality at the door.  I feel that a complete suspension of belief is required to appreciate a movie.  On the other hand my wife feels that the best way to watch a movie is to first watch it and then critique it (luckily for me she doesn’t critique while watching).  Maybe that is just me.


Have you ever had the experience of having someone ask you a question and then not listen at all to the answer?  I hate that.  My feeling is that if someone is going to ask a question, they should at least pretend to listen to the answer.  That one goes along with people who talk ostensibly to you, but don’t ascertain first if you can even hear them.  This happens all the time in my house.  The structure itself is convoluted so you have to call out the person’s name first to see if they can hear you (if they respond, then go ahead).  Too many times people just start talking and expect that you heard everything they said, even if it was impossible (like if they had their back turned to you while they were mumbling whatever they meant you to hear).  I hate sounding like my hearing is bad when I have to say “What did you say?”


I have a couple of social media pet peeves, but the one I found most irksome is when on twitter a user mentions my handle with nothing but a link.  I always mark it is spam.  Someone may have a legitimate reason for doing this, if they do then don’t mention me, or if you wish to make sure you add some explanation text.


There are many others that I could write about, but they would probably get me in too much trouble.  Let’s just say they are my foibles and I think I control them – at least most of the time.