A walk in the woods: exercise some more

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2014)

I decided that even though I was going to be on vacation I would keep walking each morning. So I have been getting up every morning at 5:45am (it is the time I am used to getting up to walk before I go to work) to take a walk of at least 2 miles (2.4 around the lake where I am currently staying and 2.0 to 2.2 in Steep Falls, Maine where we were staying until now).

We are up in the Berkshires right now (my parents have a country/summer/lake house up here and it was my father’s birthday yesterday). This morning I went out for my walk and about half way through, a long tailed deer jumped out from the woods and disappeared around the bend.


I was taken aback and the deer was out of sight before even reacted. When I asked around, everyone wanted to see a picture because the long tail is apparently rarer than I had supposed. I guess walking (and in this case getting a little lost – thank goodness for phone GPS) has it’s benefits.