When your money isn’t any good (?)

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2015)

I rarely download apps I see on Facebook.  Just the fact they advertise on FB irks me. So it was unusual the other day when I downloaded an app called Geek (with fulfillment by Wish, Inc.) after I saw it on FB. I liked the idea of a shopping app for people like me. And it does have good deals on a lot of things I would buy.  The big problem is that of the 6 times in the past week when I purchased something,  5 times Wish refunded my money almost immediately (within a few hours, if not sooner). I would have preferred the merchandise,  and told them so several times.  The most irritating part of this is that not only was there no indication why my money was being refunded,  but noone has responded to the emails I sent to them.

I am not sure what it means that they keep refunding my money, since they won’t respond to me. Whatever the reason. This places’ handle on how I might respond most likely did not include this post.

I just discovered that they do not monitor the email address they provided to PayPal as the contact address! I contacted then through the customer support link within the Geek app.  I received an automated reply stating that they would get back to me.2015-04-15 11.01.45       2015-04-15-11.13-redact2


Notice these images.  The first shows Paypal acknowledging receipt and paying for the purchase.  The second image, received 12 minutes after the first, Shows Paypal has received a refund notice from Wish for the same transaction.  Next I tried something different.   did the same checkout process with the same order that had been refunded through paypal and now went through the checkout process but used my credit card.  I was somewhat disturbed to see that this method actually worked!  My order went through and I received a confirmation from Geek.

So this leads me to believe that although Geek/Wish purports to accept Paypal, they actually don’t.  That is suspect to say the least.  Since I have yet to receive ANYTHING from them, I will withhold judgement.

UPDATE:  I have now received several items from the purchases I made through the Geek app, which are fulfilled by Wish.  Although the items are just what I asked for, and what they advertised, I still get the best stuff from Amazon.  The price is right from Geek, but the items tend to come without much in the way of instructions and they are from China, so sometimes the instructions that do come are in Chinese.  That being said, I have yet to be unhappy with anything I have purchased through this app.  This is partially due to cost.  I hardly spend anything, so if I am disappointed, it is more a lesson of what not to do than anything else.  Here are just a couple of the things so far.

  • Charger and rechargeable batteries for the laser
  • The iPhone/iPad stand is very nice
  • The Bluetooth earpiece comes with a charging cable and a earpiece that brings music to your other ear.
  • The laser was a good buy, but did not come with the rechargeable battery it requires, nor the charger
  • The far right is a 64gb (59 usable) USB 2.0 stick.  It was at the time I bought a few of them $4 each.

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