I wasn’t paying attention …

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2015)

linkedin-vector-iconMy wife is always on my case about being on the phone too much.  I don’t think I am, but that is only my opinion.  I do almost everything having to do with my job on my phone.  Since I am the IT person for my department, there is quite a lot to do.  I also take care of the social media feeds and the computers.  So there is constant monitoring going on.  This doesn’t even count the various personal alarms for taking medicine or for appointments.

I also get email from 2 different accounts, a personal one and a work one.  Recently I was checking why I was getting an alert from LinkedIn.  I saw that I had 2 new profile views and, given that we are in the middle of a merger at work, I wanted to see who was looking at my profile (the only real reason I went premium). While I was opening the LinkedIn app on my android phone, I wife asked me a question – I believe it was how to spell something, and I got distracted.  I wanted to see who was looking at my profile and so tapped the first link I saw without reading it – big mistake.

The next thing I knew it seems I sent out LinkedIn requests to all my contacts on Facebook (not sure how this happened, but my accounts are probably linked).  I really don’t blame anyone but myself, but it would be nice if it wasn’t so easy to make this mistake to begin with.  So all that evening and the next morning I was getting emails, most of which were alerts saying that I was connected with a new person (“See <new person’s name>’s connections, experience, and more”).  A couple of people asked what I wanted or how they could help, but I thought this was an amazingly crazy scenario.  Personally I never connect to just anyone who sends me a connection request on LinkedIn, not even everyone I know.  My LinkedIn network is comprised, mostly, of people with which I work.

Update 09/11/15: still receiving a couple ox those connect emails every day.

How would you respond?