Flixster update to Flixster video fails miserably

(Last Updated On: September 26, 2015)

I thought I was very “in.”   Here I was using all the social media apps, streaming video from my phone, and doing all sorts of other cool stuff.  I mentioned to my sonthat I had digital copies of many of our movies on Ultraviolet (connected to Flixster) and asked him if he knew where the movies were stored after download and how one would go about playing them in another program (I not only hate depending on one program, I also feel that if I bought the movie, that gives me some rights).  His response was, “Your one of the few people I know that use ultraviolet.”  And he didn’t know offhand the answer to my questions.  I was reminded of this conversation recently, when the Flixster app updated so that the videos you owned in Ultraviolet are only available through the sister app Flixster Video.

Suddenly I was unable to see any of my movies, forget watching them, the app crashed every time it was launched, either by me or by the Flixster app.  After several support tickets, someone came up with the idea that I should completely uninstall the Flixster video app and reinstall it from the play store.  It looks like they updated it, but a problem persisted.  After I got it installed, I only saw my most recent movie and not the other 14 that should have been there (I know exactly how many – 15 – because I can go to the Flixster website or even use the PC Flixster app and it lists all my videos).  And that was not all.  Even though I had downloaded all of these movies already, the one movie that did appear didn’t recognize that fact.  In fact, the new Flixster Video app didn’t even recognize that my preference for downloading movies was to download to my SD card, not to the phone.  I had started downloading the video when I realized this and stopped the download, deleted the partial download, changed the preferences and started the download again.  I am not sure why they are separating the movies section from the rest of the app.  But so far they have been unable to help me solve this problem.  And I don’t think I am the only one in this situation.

The whole saga started after I was forced to install the Flixster video app (no choice there, I went to the my movies section of Flixster and instead of listing my movies, it said to install the app.).That was on 9/17/2015.  I first assumed that there must be something I could do.  I tried several things including wiping the cache partition of my phone, several times.  After taking several steps to no avail, I contacted support on 9/18, and received an automated email reply.  I had already done most of what was in the autoreply, so I did the rest and replied back with the results.











I kept contacting them, and they kept closing the ticket (autoclose after 5 days).  I referred them back to the other tickets when they asked questions I had already answered.  on 9/25 someone finally suggested the uninstall / reinstall from within the play store.  This stopped the Flixster video app from immediately crashing as soon as I launched it, but it still only displayed one movie.











Because of their proprietary format, I can’ t use another app to play the movies and because they didn’t test this well, I can’t use the Flixster video app.  I write this on September 26, 2015 and have yet to hear back from them regarding this problem.