The Wireless Saga Continues

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2015)

610px-Verizon-Wireless-Logo.svgI originally started this because I wanted to reduce my wireless costs, which were way too high with Verizon Wireless.  I wrote extensively about the whole process of switching to AT&T in this post.  We finally got through it all and thought that we had seen the worst.  The other night when I sat down to pay the bills for the month, I discovered I had a problem.  Normally, I pay the VZW bill on their website.  I had been paying it through my bank, but there had been a problem and VZW was easier to pay on their website.  So I tried to login with my phone number, but VZW detected that the phone was no longer associated with any account (since it had been moved over to AT&T).  I tried my login name, that only let me into the Verizon bill, not the wireless section.  I even tried my son’s line and my daughter’s line to no avail.


Finally, I called the number on the Verizon Wireless bill from the previous month.  This ended up being a mistake.  The agent on the other end, Nadine, was no help. I am normally a very patient person, but even I have my limits.  Nadine would continually speak over me.  I couldn’t get a word in edgewise!  It was as if she wasn’t eveen hearing me.  I tried asking her to stop and let me say something, since she had the situation all wrong and I wanted to correct her inaccurate impression, Nadine stopped for several seconds, allowing me to start talking and then started again speaking non stop.  I was getting SO FRUSTRATED that I was shouting at the phone.  My wife calmed me down and suggested I ask to speak with a supervisor.  I did this and, after repeating my request 2 more times, Nadine said that a supervisor would call me back.  I don’t know if this will actually occur, I am waiting for the call.

When we purchased our phones on the edge plan about a year ago, VZW offered a free android tablet.  It was not great and they did put it on our data plan, but we only used it on wifi, and even then we hardly ever used it.  We thought nothing of it until we switched over to AT&T.  So when I called to speak about paying the bill, Nadine mentioned the phone number assigned to the tablet.  I explained we never used it, had not incurred any data charges on it, and she said if we terminated the data plan we would incur an early termination fee of over $100.  I insisted if that was the case they could have the tablet back (minus the SD card I had put in it, of course).  I am not about to pay for this tablet that was supposedly free, or we would never have taken it, to begin with. Unfortunately, that was not an option.

UPDATE: A month later I am still waiting for the final bill from Verizon Wireless.  We were told that we would have to pay off our old phones, which were on the edge plan, and any other charges,  Fine, they said they would bill us, it is December 12th and we have not received any bill or any notice of a bill.  It is not that I am keen to shell out money to VZW, but I would like to get it over with, and not get hit with fines or worse.