Phone backup – MyBackup Pro

(Last Updated On: December 2, 2015)

One of the first applications I purchased for my first smart phone was MyBackup Pro from Rerware.  I even bought extra room on their server for my backups (a whopping 2gb).  I kept putting this program on each successive phone I had for many years.  But when I purchased my last phone, I didn’t bother.  First, I had an 64gb external SD card for the 16gb Samsung Galaxy S5.  This seemed enough room to store my backups, besides the fact that MyBackup Pro would not backup certain applications.  I felt I  had backup covered.  When I recently got a new phone from AT&T (Samsung Note 5 w/64gb internal and no way to have an SD card), I thought it was about time to go back and see what MyBackup Pro could do.  By this time I had several other programs that backed up my device, but I like to have things backed up in as many places as possible.

I had let my subscription with MyBackup Pro lapse, but the new deal was for 5gb free with the pro version instead of 2gb.  There were several other new choices as well, but the one I was interested in and the one which convinced me to buy the pro version was the ability to backup to my own computer.  I thought I could easily schedule this to backup to my work computer and then save it somewhere else.  I was in for a major let down.

I started by purchasing the pro version and then attempting to use the backup to my computer facility for which I had bought the item.  I followed the instructions on their website, which told me to download the MyBackupPC software to my computer, start that and then start the Mybackup program on the phone.  It is supposed to automatically detect the other computer and connect.  My work computer is on a wired network and my phone is on wireless/4G.  My first question to support was, even though it did NOT say it anywhere on their website, did the devices have to be on the same WiFi network?  They ignored this question and tried to troubleshoot my problem, which stumped them.  That was until a day or two later when one brainy support person asked if the devices were on the same network (why didn’t I think of that!).  I answered that as I had already said, they were not.  He told me this was the problem – the software required that they be on the same network in order to communicate.  I tried this at home, where my computer is on the same wifi network as my phone and voila, it worked.

Why doesn’t it just say that on the website?  Or maybe that should be the first question a support rep should ask – “Are the devices on the same network?”  No such luck.  Maybe they will change this.