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When your money isn’t any good (?)

I rarely download apps I see on Facebook.  Just the fact they advertise on FB irks me. So it was unusual the other day when I downloaded an app called Geek (with fulfillment by Wish, Inc.) after I saw it on FB. I liked the idea of a shopping app […]

Senior Photos – Prestige Protraits will let you pay to advertise for them

My daughter is graduating from college and we, as loving parents who are so proud of our daughter, wanted to have the nice senior portraits that the school was offering through Prestige Portraits, whom we ordered from previously when her high school used them for their senior portraits. We received […]

A workaround: stapling only on a Xerox Workcentre 5665 with Office finisher

I felt during this whole weird odyssey like I was the only sane person around.  I was asked to do something rather simple.  We wanted color copies of a PDF file stapled using our workcentre 5665 finisher.  Didn’t seem to difficult.  After a couple of fruitless tries, I figured why […]

In wake of Storms CVS and Staples stick it to Seniors

Message (Photo credit: MarkPritchard) Yes this is another one of my rants.  But let me spell it out.  Our area was hit badly by Hurricane Sandy.  My parents who are 78 and 80 years old live nearby.  We were without power and they were evacuated pre storm.  My parents’ house […]

Verizon Wireless FAILs terribly 1

Image via Wikipedia I’m normally not one to rant about personal encounters or problems, but this one is an exception. I’ve had Verizon Wireless as my cell carrier for too many years to count. About a year and a half ago my son got a Palm Centro as part of […]