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Authentic Samsung Galaxy S5 charging cord – is it?

I just got a new Galaxy S5 from Verizon.  I was very excited and ordered an extra charging cord from amazon (  When I compared the new cord to the one I received when I bought the phone there were some differences.  First, although both say Samsung on both ends of […]

Lazyfeed: An easy way to discover information

Image via CrunchBase I have many information sources set up to either alert me or send me email when they get hits on certain searches (check out But recently my son (@chronotope) introduced me to a different way to get updates and discover stuff you would never have seen […]

Twitter – Startup #11 – Other resources

There are many other twitter resources users should be aware of. Many of these I have used in putting together the previous 10 blog entries on twitter. Here are just a few of them: MakeUseOf Guide to TwitterMy Twittertools bookmarksTwitter for Business, Twitter for Friends , by Mark Murnahan […]