Fall for Dance 2015 – web ticketing is still #failing

Last year I wrote a blog about my experience with web ticketing and the Fall for Dance festival at City Center in New York.  In that blog I related my experience with a rather horrendous system that, at the very last possible moment, informed me that I would be unable […]

I wasn’t paying attention …

My wife is always on my case about being on the phone too much.  I don’t think I am, but that is only my opinion.  I do almost everything having to do with my job on my phone.  Since I am the IT person for my department, there is quite […]

When good credit isn’t good enough or My AT&T Fiasco, an AT&T FAIL

It all started because I wanted to decrease my wireless phone bill. I have been with Verizon Wireless for 10 years (give or take), but the bill I was getting from them was exorbitant. With a family plan of 4 smartphones with 15gb of shared data and a 19% discount […]

4 Chairs

I have seen many things on my morning walks, from all the wildlife in the area including rabbits, raccoons, skunks, birds of all sorts, opossums and some deer. I have also seen a number of different kinds of people. I like to people watch and my morning walk gives me […]

Fixing this WordPress site

For a couple of months my blog was down. I take complete responsibility. I was adding plugins, everything was working fine until I logged out and couldn’t log back in. I think it had something to do with the functions.php file I edited. During a plugin install, it was suggested that I […]

A public transit peeve worse than any other

As I have posted before,  I often take public transit in the form of the bus.  I have several times posted about my “pet peeves” regarding public transit. Just recently, I discovered there was one I left out that is more irksome than any other.   I don’t always expect […]

Taste of Larchmont (NY)

Not too long ago I signed my wife and I up for an event called “Taste of Larchmont.”  It was a tasting of 7 local restaurants with almost all the proceeds going to a woman’s shelter,  My Sister’s Place.  We had to purchase the tickets in advance,  so one would […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Docking Cradle – a boon?

I found this great docking station for my phone at dsstyles.com.  The docking station fits my phone well, it has room for an extra battery – which is what I wanted.  It looks really nice – others have even commented on how stylish it is.  But there is a problem. […]

When your money isn’t any good (?)

I rarely download apps I see on Facebook.  Just the fact they advertise on FB irks me. So it was unusual the other day when I downloaded an app called Geek (with fulfillment by Wish, Inc.) after I saw it on FB. I liked the idea of a shopping app […]

The best feature of Android 5.x – Lollipop (yes there is one)

When I first upgraded to Lollipop from KitKat, I could find nothing beneficial about the upgrade, beyond the cool factor of course.  Several of my applications would either not work or would crash intermittently for no apparent reason.  These apps were NOT all ones I installed and I expected a […]